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I’m SO BAD at uncluttering my wardrobe. I have great intentions, but then do the inevitable “but what if I get rid of X then NEEED it?”

Especially if I’ve been reining in my spending, because then it’s compounded by “what if I neeeed it and can’t buyyy it???”

The answer of course is “you have about forty thousand other options, suck it up and get rid of the things you haven’t worn in a year or more, silly.” Excluding special items like my corsets or wedding dress, obviously. It’s totally a firstworldproblem.

So, Toby has made HUGE strides in the laundry lately, and we’ve had issues where alll the clean things no longer fit in the wardrobe/closet/dressers. Clearly, the answer is “get rid of things you don’t need/want/wear any more”. Logical, yes, easy for me to do, no.

Someone suggested that if I donated my clothes, rather than holding onto them in a “not wearing but Just in Case” pile, I might find it easier to get rid of things. Sure enough, it has helped.

A friend went through the discards for herself, and I’ve packaged up the rest to go to a local dropoff point for a local Women’s Refuge. With the goal of a good home in mind, I indeed found it much easier to get rid of things, as opposed to dropping items into the bins at the supermarket.

And I kept adding more things as I packed up the pile & remembered stashes of things that I could discard.

It's all in my boot, ready for donation tomorrow.

Running total: 165/365

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