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Tidying the study

The study has been problematic for a long time. A year or so back, we evicted all the cardboard boxes that used to house parts we no longer own (as my beloved is a member of the school “don’t throw ANYTHING away in case it’s useful”.

Yesterday, he woke up with the LET’S CLEAN THE STUDY bug.

Three trash bags of misc.stuff later…

  • The desks have been emptied, sorted, misc cables rolled up & put away
  • The cable drawers were emptied, misc crap thrown out – why did we still have serial cables? Eight USB/PS-2 adapters? A Playstation->USB adapter for a dance mat I haven’t owned in five years?
  • Cardboard boxes were labelled (ie: headsets/mice, optical media, cable ties & velcro)
  • Old books were thrown away – Windows 2000 / Fedora 4, my old Uni textbooks, etc
  • A new printer was installed, the one with a dead network jack was removed, and the horrible HP that Tobes bought without doing enough research has been disposed of violently
  • Why does the study contain eight laptop bags, none of which we use?

Basically, YOU CAN GET INTO THE CLOSET NOW and access the filing cabinet and cable drawers and ALL THE THINGS and it’s TIDY.

Running total: 200/365

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