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Location: fish and chip shop.

Players: Me; group of mid to late teen boys.

The boys are gathered around a dust bin, using the top as a table for their fish’n'chips and Coke bottles. While waiting for my dinner, various lads have wandered in several times requesting more food, as trawls of pockets and wallets have revealed previously unlocated small change.

I get my dinner, and wander back to the car.

“…. facebook… page … you should … facebook …. nah bro, didn’t you hear they’re shutting Bebo down?”

“Awww, bro, no way, nah, you’re fulla shit mate.”

“For real, bro, shutting it down, you gotta get you a Facebook man.”

“Nah nah, you’re all fulla shit.”

Me: “He’s right. AOL are either selling or shutting down Bebo – check up on Google, AOL are making the announcement next month.”

“Shit, really? Fuck, man, that sucks.”

I get into the car. I hear laughter, as said young man has apparently been “owwwwned, bro”.

“Fuuuck, man, how does some old lady know about Bebo anyway?”

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Oct. 2nd, 2008 12:07 pm
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We have moved! And we now have INTERNETS OMG YAY, after what was far too much hassle with Orcon and Telecom.

Finally fixed today, after a very nice man turned up to install our broadband socket in the study. He looked a bit blank when he found out we had no internets or telephone, buzzed off down to the exchange, wiggled plugs, and lo! Internet! And also telephone! Yay!

The move itself went incredibly well. Thanks to the sterling efforts of our friends, who are all wonderful, everything got moved and at-least-partially unpacked in what must be record time. I eventually utterly lost track of who was doing what - Tobermory and I were working completely separately, most of the time - but it all got here, except for the last few odds and sods over at the old flat, which are waiting for us to finish cleaning and tidying.

The new furniture got delivered on time, and people helped us put it up, and it's lovely.

And at some point of Saturday, I purchased an ungodly amount of meat, which was subsequently cooked during the inaugural barbeque, generally acclaimed as "tasty".

I think we eventually fell into bed sometime about 2am, having marinaded ourselves inside and out whilst in the spa pool. (We cracked open the Johnnie Walker red label that I got via dutyfree awhile back.)

We have various new things. Table, chairs, beds. Breadmaker, vacuum cleaner, cast iron frypan.

I am supremely glad I took this week off work, as it's been rather tiring moving/unpacking/finding, adjusting to newhouse noises, and so forth.

Life is good. I'm happy. HOUSE.

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I came home today to find a wealth of Good Things in my mailbox. Stockings (six pairs), my TSC tshirt (I’ve had my quota of stupid for today, please call someone else).

In fact, it’s generally been a good day. Half of work was absent (acts of drunkeness occuring – thanks St Paddy’s Day), so I got work done. Despite the stultifying boredom. Cyclenut contacted me during the day to ask for a website in a Hurry – Father needs something for school cycling – which is just fine as I still have the code leftover from my last attempt at creating a website for him. So, with a few hours work to incorporate some of the Useful Stuff I’ve learned over the last few months, that’ll be done this weekend. And, therefore, some extra money in the kitty.

Lunch was had with WebBoss on Thursday. This was also a Good Thing, as I am still lacking sufficient information about the state of my impending new job! Discussion covered: What I’ll be doing for a job, what I’ll get to help me do the job, and what I’ll be required to do.

So, from April, little Emma will be doing server administration. Basic “Stuff fallen over, fix it”. Create and start maintaining a backup schedule. (I know, I know – they need one already!) Create and maintain a Subversion/Trac box. (This is also a Very Good Thing, with programmers living all over the country. I know of five physical cities, and that doesn’t allow for the fact that we’re scattered around within those cities.) Learn about VMware – WebBoss has plans to be running all servers as VM servers in the long run, for redundancy and stuff.

They’ll give me hardware to be used at home (this is a Big Yay, as it means I’m not dependent on my home machine). Possibly more than one machine, depends what I’m doing at the time. (Note to self, acquire two desks instead of one.) I’ll be working 40 hours a week, but to be done as glide time – eg, if something takes a big poopy at 10pm and I can fix it, I am to do so, and take some time off later in the week, or save up hours and take a week off later. I’ll mostly be working from home, but also at co-location facility (10km away) occasionally. So will have keys to the co-lo, access to server racks, and so on and so forth.

No word on when I get the extra 2k, which is a tad sad, as moving will be tight – doable, but tight – but at least I know it is forthcoming.

I am a happy Emma.

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This morning, I got online and spent one thousand dollars of my hard-earned money. Now I get to spend days drooling over impending geeky goodness.

The purchase wasn’t without it’s share of adventure. The online store I purchased from (which, by the bye, has an excellent reputation) had a rather odd statement to make after the purchase was complete (yay, Mum’s credit card). I emailed them, rather shirtily.

Good morning to the [store] team.

I just made an order for the items I’ve listed at the bottom of my email – my name is Emma, and my mother used her credit card to pay for the order. In that situation, how do we need to go about verifying the credit card details? Neither of us have access to a fax machine, and she is not willing to allow PP to charge a random amount onto her credit card for verification!

If it’s impossible to verify the card, that’s no problem. Let me know, and I’ll simply buy the items I’m wanting elsewhere (I know [other store] has similar stock, albeit at very slightly higher prices – the reason I came to [store] in the first place).

Surprisingly enough, I got a reply within ten minutes, assuring me that wouldn’t be necessary, the order would be placed as was, and my items would be shipped stat.

Funny what threatening to take business elsewhere does.

I have to go over to WebBossMan this weekend again. Except, transport is rather an issue this time, as Workmate isn’t going.

So, I’m renting a car for the day. Boss is reimbursing me (yay Boss) for the $70 it’ll cost me.

Tell you something. People confuse me. The base cost of the car was… $50, I think. Close enough, anyway. That was for a day, including 200 kilometers. The insurance excess (given my age of 22) was $1500. But, if I pay an extra $15 (yes, fifteen) dollars, the excess drops to $250. Um, hello?? And for an extra $5, windscreen repairs etc are then covered. OK, sure, it’s an extra $20. But – what’s $20 vs a potential One Thousand Five Hundred dollars??? The possibility that people would not pay the extra – and I know people rarely do, I have a friend working at the place I hired from – simply boggles my little mind.

People are strange. Including myself. I spent the day (with the next two youngest of my workmates) on my feet imaging the new rollout of seventy PC’s at work. (Monday and Tuesday herald laptop imaging.) We laughed and pottered round and gossiped, blasted music (except when the phone rang), generally had a good day.

I caused amusement, because I forgot HardwareBloke could see through the (glass) wall into my workshop, and was merrily bopping around to Beegees tracks doing stupid 70’s moves and singing along with myself (quietly). Wasn’t till Hardware was unable to keep the giggles in, and then NewNotesDeveloper bopped into my little corner doing the best John Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever impersonation I have EVER seen, that I realised Oops, my buttwiggling and armwaving is VISIBLE in here.

HardwareMan then passed the comment “I gather you do get drunk occasionally? Because I’ve never known anyone who’s actually taken the trouble to learn those moves whilst sober.”

(Also, I had to ask Jamie what Saturday Night Fever was called. I couldn’t remember. I was listening to Night Fever at the time. D’oh!!)

I have sore feet (go, nine hours on feet non-stop) but it was a good day.

Also, impending new shinies. Yay!

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