Feb. 11th, 2015

Time out

Feb. 11th, 2015 07:29 am
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Just after we got back to work in January, I decided I wanted more time off. I booked the second week of Feb on the basis that I wasn’t on call that week and no-one else was on leave.

As it turns out, that’s the week that Toby started a new contract. Although I have to climb out of bed in the mornings, so that he actually gets OUT THE DOOR in the morning, it means I have had the house to myself ALL WEEK. IT’S SO GOOD.

Foodstravaganza: I have
* made four litres of yogurt, some of which has been turned into labneh or is mid-turning-into-labneh, some of which has been consumed, some of which is in the fridge awaiting consumption. The whey from the labneh is going into bread tomorrow
* turned two chicken carcasses (from the freezer) into about 3l of chicken stock
* crockpot curry (not my best effort, but it was last night’s dinner)
* many chickpeas boiled & popped in the freezer for later meals
* 1kg of rice, boiled & in the freezer for later meals (some of it went to the curry above)
* sushi, both salmon and tuna
* home-made pizzas on puff pastry (ham, spinach, cheese, tomato paste, pesto)

* Exit Mold’ed the shower, cleaned the other shower, cleaned three toilets
* emptied pantry, sorted contents, returned to pantry
* emptied other pantry, sorted contents, returned to pantry (see: hipster shelf! I liked mason jars /before/ they were cool. Technically this was a week ago but IT COUNTS)
* emptied freezer, sorted contents, returned to freezer
* emptied plasticware boxes in pantry, sorted contents, threw away bases and lids that don’t match, returned to pantry
* listed bras for sale on Trademe
* listed nail polish for sale on Trademe

* five hours of dance lessons (privates and workshops)
* not enough piano
* surprisingly no DragonAge (yet), mostly because the weather’s been lovely
* laundry
* arranged for a quote for some guttering that badly needs replaced before winter (ugggghhh)

Oh, and because it counts as decluttering (!!): Running total: 175/365

A productive and enjoyable non-work week.

I liked mason jars before they were cool.

I liked mason jars before they were cool.

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